Building up the Builders

Skidsteer + Portable Sawmill + Land = Earth-Bound Sovereignty

As a Black-owned, multi-member co-operativeEarth-Bound has prided itself on crafting quality, yet affordable buildings and farm infrastructure for clients, while maintaining a living wage for its worker owners. The tradeoff is that we haven't been able to afford some big ticket items that would enable us to expand our work, and becoming truly self-sustaining.


This is where we need your help!

Owning our own $35,000 skid steer would not only save our backs from lifting timbers that weigh 300 pounds and up, it would allow Earth-Bound to take on larger, multi-story building projects. It would also enable us to pursue our dream of building natural, affordable homes that connect its inhabitants back to nature.

With a $35,000 portable sawmill, Earth-Bound could mill its own lumber, saving us money, and making sure we have exactly the perfect piece of lumber for our work every time.




$130,000 towards programming, infrastructure, and land would give Earth-Bound a permanent home for generations to come. It would also also us to launch our 3-tiered, Forever Sustainable initiative.

Tool Bench
Forest Trees
Cabins in Wood

Please donate or become a sustainer so we can continue our work building a sustainable future!