"Designing and Building sustainable farm infrastructure, natural buildings and landscapes in the Mid-Atlantic."

Earth-Bound Building was founded in 2014 by Blain Snipstal. Blain started farming at age 19 and immediately fell in love with the land, the work and the people. After graduating from Baker University, he began to travel around the world and the states working on farms and working with farmers of all types. During his extensive travels he began to see the link between Sustainable Agriculture and the needed infrastructure that farmers, and a just and sustainable food system needs to thrive. After moving to Maryland in 2012 and working on farms in Southern Maryland and in Baltimore County, and with a local construction company he decided to start Earth-Bound Building.

After several successful years building relationships with fellow builders and farmers in the region, Earth-Bound Building has transitioned to a dedicated and skilled building collective of skilled crafts-people and farmers.

We are experts and specialize in Agricultural Construction, Natural Building and Rough and Fine Carpentry.

Consider us farmers that are also skilled builders or skilled builders that are also farmers! Either way, we build to suit and always with the farmer, landowner and client at the center.

We believe in Agricultural, Rural and Natural Living. We always work to minimize our impact through local sourcing of materials, use of local and ecological resources and other cost-and-resource saving practices.

We believe in the power of building and working in harmony with nature and people. As such, our work is exemplified by a high degree of craftsmanship, beauty, dedication and dignified work.


We firmly believe that a transition to a more just and sustainable society is a necessity and feel that our work gets us one step closer - one building at a time.