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About Us

Earth-Bound Building is a collective of skilled builders, crafts-people and farmers founded in 2014.  Our Cooperative flowered out of the Black Dirt Farm Collective and the primary observation that functional, durable and ecological farm and land infrastructure lies at the heart of a just and thriving sustainable food system. 


Today, we've incorporated the principles of Ecological Building, Craft and Cooperative Economics to our fundamental mission and practice. We specialize in Timber Framing, Natural Building (think straw-bale and clay plaster!), and Agricultural Infrastructure that serves the needs of our farming and rural communities and offers functional and aesthetic value.


We strongly value people over profit and use the business as a means to achieve long-term goals of land sovereignty and Just Transition as outlined by our close allies at the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA).   Earth-Bound Building is also a member of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the National Black Food and Justice Alliance



Blain Snipstal is the founder, designer and lead builder for Earth-Bound Building.  Blain has a long history in farming and land-based organizing both domestic and internationally.  Blain is a dedicated craftsman, and member of the Timber Framer's Guild.

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Dom Hosack is a builder and finance manager with Earth-Bound Building.  He is also doing a Fellowship with the Climate Justice Alliance and is passionate about supporting the solidarity economy.



Farris Johnson III is a builder and farmer with Earth-Bound Building.  Prior to joining Earth-Bound, Farris managed a non-profit, Our Space World, Inc., which focused on providing affordable acupuncture and educational classes.



Randy Johnson is a school teacher and part-time builder with Earth-Bound Building.  Randy has a strong passion for youth development, and leads youth apprentices and adults during educational encounters.